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Adoption Information

Second Chance  Pet Adoption places stray and abandoned cats into foster homes.  Our cats are not only given the necessities of life but love, care, and attention.  Should the cat be injured or sick, we work with our veterinarians to nurse them back to health.  Since the cat is living in a home environment, the cat becomes a part of that foster family. The cat may be living with other cats, dogs, or children.  Therefore our foster homes can readily answer questions and concerns about each cat on an individual basis. Questions such as: Would the cat be good with other cats? Would the cat be good with dogs? Would the cat be good with young children?   When considering adoption, the foster home will talk to you openly and  honestly about their foster cat.  We will work with each adopter to find the perfect cat for their home as well as finding the perfect home for our cat!

To save time, feel free to download our Adoption Questionaire and bring it completed to the Adoption Show. This information will help us find the right pet for you!

Our adoption fee is $100.

This fee includes:

All our cats 4 months and older are neutered or spayed before they go into a foster home. 

Kittens must be 9-12 weeks old before adoption.   With adoption, a form is given along with a list of veterinarians that honor our spay/neuter certificate.

All cats and kittens, while in a foster home, will have any necessary subsequent vaccinations, deworming, and  medical care until adopted.

As a licensed foster home organization with the State of Illinois we have guidelines we must follow.

As an adopter we require:

Please call (847) 670-4714 or contact us and one of our volunteers will be glad to return your call. Information on our foster cats/kittens and foster homes will be provided.  You may visit our cats/kittens in the foster home or visit one of our Adoption Shows in area pet stores on the weekends. Our adoption shows are advertised in the Daily Herald Classified section on the weekends.