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Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find your shelter?

Second Chance Pet Adoption does not have a shelter. All of our adoptable animals are placed in foster homes where they can be cared for in a family environment. This allows us to get to know each animal personally and evaluate how they get along with other cats, dogs or children.

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2. I am interested in adopting. How can I visit some of the animals that are up for adoption?

We participate in adoption shows at local pet stores and veterinary offices each weekend (see our calendar for the most recent adoption show schedule). Additionally, if you are interested in particular animals, you may also schedule a visit with that animal in it’s foster home.

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3. How much does it cost to adopt?

Our standard adoption fee is $100. For more information about what this fee covers, please see our Adoption Info page.

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4. Is “Animal Name” still available?

While we try to keep our website as updated as possible, the most current information about our available animals can be found by contacting our volunteers at (847) 670-4714.

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5. What is the process for adopting from Second Chance Pet Adoption?

For more information about adopting, please visit our Adoption Info page.

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6. I have a cat that I can no longer care for. Would you be able to take it?

There are many stray and abandoned animals that are living outside, hungry and scared and Second Chance Pet Adoption focuses on rescuing those animals. Therefore, we are not able to take owner give ups.

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7. I've been told it is better to adopt two kittens at one time. Is this true?

With young kittens, it is often better to adopt two. Young kittens are very playful and have a lot of energy. Having two means they can wear eachother out, leaving them ready to cuddle with their adoptive parents! Also, kittens become very lonely. If you spend several hours a day away from home, two kittens can keep eachother company in your absence. if you would like to see what cats and kittens we have available, please visit our Adoption Page, or contact us.

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8. Why do cats scratch?  And, how can I stop my cat from scratching my furniture?

Scratching is a natural and necessary instinct for cats. A cat's paws have scent glands in them and by scratching, they are able to mark their territory. It is also a form of exercise for them. But, this doesn't mean they need to scratch your couch. There are many options including providing a scratching post, keeping your cat's claws trimmed and using products such as Soft Paws. If you are considering de-clawing your cat, we encourage you to visit these sites first: Declawing.com and CatScratching.com

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9. I'd love to volunteer for Second Chance Pet Adoption. What volunteer opportunities are available?

We are always looking for new people to help our cause. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

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10. I am not able to volunteer but would love to support Second Chance Pet Adoption. How can I donate?

We offer many options for donating to our organization. Please visit our Donations page for more information. If you would like to mail in monetary donation, please print out and mail in our donation form.

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