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From Feral to Family


Who doesn't like a story with a happy ending? We certainly do! Caesar's story is definitely one of those! He spent the last 8 years living as an outdoor feral. He came to visit his foster mom on a daily basis to eat and then would go...somewhere (he isn't giving up his secrets). In all of these years, he never once allowed anyone to touch him. He never meowed like a "normal cat." He was skittish and always on the defensive.

Something changed this past December. For the first time ever, his caregiver heard a little squeek. The only reason she knew it was a meow was because she saw his mouth open. A couple of weeks later, much to Caesar's surprise, she was able to touch him lightly. While he did hiss and jump back in shock, he actually lowered his head to her the next day, allowing the touch.

Each day/week from there, yielded new surprises for his caregiver. Caesar seemed to actually enjoy pets from his "mom." He started showing an interest in the house and the resident cats. And then, late in the night on January 18, amidst a snow storm, Caesar walked into the house and never looked back.

Unfortunately the vet visit has shown that Caesar is not only FIV+ but also hypethyroid. The FIV is not a big deal. It is not contagious to humans and is only transmitted to other cats via deep bites. His family will need to watch him a bit more closely for signs of illness to seek quicker vet care because a FIV cat doesn't have the immune system of a healthy cat. The bigger deal is the thyroid. He is currently on medication and doing well but the only cure is a procedure called Radioactive Iodine 131. This is an expensive procedure (over $1000 plus pre and post labwork) that will zap the tumor causing the hyperactive thyroid. We are doing our best to fundraise for this procedure so that Caesar can truly have his happily ever after. Caesar will also need a dental cleaning and tooth extraction at some point in the near future.

Despite all of this, Caesar continues to show promise. He may never trust people he doesn't know. But he adores his foster mom and wants nothing more than to snuggle with her and purr. His story shows that no cat is a hopeless case. There is love out there for everyone.

If you are able to help Caesar, please submit a donation via Paypal or mail a check to our PO box with his name in the memo. You can continue to follow his story on our Facebook page.

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